Why are domain names valuable assets?

Domain names have a very real impact on traffic, marketing, trust and positioning. Every time your domain and brand are communicated, your customers are ranking you and judging your positioning and strength.


If your brand, domain name and email addresses do not match this signals confusion and weakness.


Global positioning is your position among other companies that have a similar interest in your brands keyword(s) whether they are in the same industry or not and this can be a HUGE risk to your brand.


When you last used Google to search for a product or service, what did you see?


You saw a list of companies, most with the same explanations and only differentiated by their "brand" or "domain name".


In a split second, you made a decision what company looked professional, trustworthy or spammy.


This is industry positioning.


When you pass on an exact match or keyword domain for your brand you are inviting another stronger brand to enter and make your brand positioning irrelevant.


Having the opportunity to acquire the "category defining" domain name in your industry is rare and this is an investment, but one that pre-positions your brand as the leader overnight in your market. It is a bold move that tells your customers, clients and employees that we will dominate our industry.


Consider the possibility that this is the last and only opportunity you may ever have to acquire and control the ultimate domain for your brand/company.



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